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Reasons to Exhibit

Why exhibit at FCE Cosmetique?

FCE Cosmetique - International Exhibition of Technology for the Cosmetics Industry.
FCE Cosmetique is the first event to receive new launches of ingredients and additives from Europe, and the only one in Latin America that has always had a presence in the transformation of the sector, bringing together the entire chain of cosmetics industry suppliers and bringing innovation to the Latin American market.


Data from the last edition:
+80% of visitors are decision makers.
97% of visitors were satisfied and intended to visit the show in 2018.
+45% of buyers visited FCE Cosmetique for the first time.

Did you know?
• Brazil is the 4th largest consumer market for beauty products, with revenues of US$ 29.3 billion;
• The beauty sector is among the top 10 retail segments;
• The Brazilian market corresponds to 6.6% of world consumption and 49% in Latin America;
• The Brazilian market for perfumes traded approximately US$ 5.7 billion in 2016, and about 90% of these products are of domestic origin;
• Brazil is the 4th largest global market for oral hygiene, bath and hair products.
5 reasons for visit FCE Cosmetique
1. FCE Cosmetique is the first event in Latin American calendar to receive news and releases presented abroad
2. It’s 23 years of history and tradition building a better event each year
3. Qualified attendees and large to small business specifiers
4. The only event gathers all production chain of the cosmetic industry
5. Three full days for content e relationship

Bring your brand to FCE Cosmetique
and be part of this success!